Want to make a Mary very merry?

Try paper.

As our readers are well aware, the Marys love stationery. Of the two of us, I seem to be the one more apt to imbibe in the collection of it.

When I received a $25 e-gift card from Staples in my work e-mail, I thought it might be a scam of some type, but the girls in the front office thought it was more likely I’d filled out some survey they might have ignored. Since it didn’t ask for any passwords or access to any of my accounts, I printed it out and intended to use it on programs for my daughter Emily’s upcoming Saturday wedding.

We headed to the Staples store located at 4601 1st Avenue SE, in Cedar Rapids. (write this down, Cedar Rapids area peeps, you just might want to visit this store in the next week or two).  Once there, we headed straight to the copy center, where the woman informed us the programs wouldn’t be ready for 2-3 days, since they were running on a skeleton crew because they would be closing in September. I might be a little rusty in the coupon-using department, but my  deal-seeking radar still went into full alert at that comment. I immediately turned my head to survey the area behind me, and there it was, in all its glory; a sign on the greeting card display, declaring all remaining greeting cards to be 50-cents. I handed Emily my keys and told her to head to the nearest Copyworks while I shopped. After all, I had that coupon to use before the end of the month.

50 greeting cards later (some originally priced at $5.95 each),  I pushed a cart up and down the aisles, looking for more deals. I hit the mother lode in the stationery/wedding aisle, where $11 packages of “thank you” cards were marked down to 50-cents. Three packages went in the cart for Emily. Blue envelopes, marked down to 50-cents, 100-sheet packs of designed letterhead printer paper just $2, packages of beautiful cards for 50-cents. I left plenty of 100-sheet packages of paper and if you were in the early stages of planning a wedding, there was embossed blank programs, name cards for table settings, and boxes full of wedding invitations.


If utilized correctly, those 50 greeting cards, paid for by a free gift card, will brighten the mailboxes of 50 people in the months to come.

Now, that’s the kind of sale that will make a Mary very merry.

Mary Potter Kenyon