Back to Writing…Letters~

It has been a very intense month of writing…on our book, that is, but not for letters. The manuscript for Mary & Me was submitted at 10:30 a.m. on February 26, 2015. The day after submission, the two co-writers woke up and wanted to…write letters.

letters 025Yes, ironically, during the process of writing a book about friendship and letters, our letter-writing took a hit. Both Marys have a stack of correspondence to answer.

The official release date for Mary & Me has been moved to September 8, and it is already available for pre-order through Amazon. Since September is International Women’s Friendship Month, this is an ideal month for our book publication. Stay tuned for tea parties, girl’s nights out, and even online events in celebration of the release.

In the meantime, in between edits and revisions with our editor, we will continue to review books and blogs related to friendship and letter-writing here, as well as on our Facebook page.


Help! I’m Reading as Fast as I Can!

One thing we’ve promised is book reviews on this blog. But book reviews involve actually reading a book. Both Marys love to read, but they are so busy writing right now, reading seems to have taken a back burner in their lives. And that’s a shame, when one of the Marys has all these beautiful hand-written letter/friendship/writing books waiting for her.You can expect to see reviews of these, and many more books and websites on letter writing and female friendship in the coming months.

friendship books 001Did you know there is such a thing as mail “art?” I know a couple of my pen-pals have sent me letters that were a work of art, with stickers, special ink, calligraphy, doodles in the margin, and even hand-decorated envelopes, but I’m afraid Mary and I, while we love pretty paper and have been known to use a sticker or two, mostly scrawl our missives when in a bit of a hurry. We have so much to say to each other, and so little time to make it “pretty.” This morning’s letter sent to Mary was begun on a piece of scrap paper from my purse!

good mail dayThis book, Good Mail Day, had me sighing with pleasure over the beauty of the creations, but groaning over the effort it would take to make such “eye-popping postal art.”

One reason for our intense writing schedules is that our manuscript deadline has been moved up to March 1. We also have a tentative date set for the book’s release. Drum-roll, please…

August 1, 2015!

The following day, August 2, 2015, is coincidentally “Friendship Day,” and the next month is “National Women’s Friendship Month.” You can bet we will be planning some “Friendship Tea Parties” in August and September to coincide with our book’s release.