Library Book Haul

When my daughter-in-law introduced me to the Cedar Rapids library last week, I felt like I’d stepped into a sort of literary heaven; such a spacious, beautiful environment, and so many books!  Those of you who have worked in a library will understand what I mean when I say I occasionally experience “library lust.”  Yes, as a director of a small Iowa library, I do lust after the large libraries’ vast array of space and books. I concentrated on the aisles of non-fiction, though I did take note of a couple of fiction titles I expect to add to our Winthrop Library collection. I will admit to ordering the majority of the fiction I want to read, unless it is older fiction or something I know my patrons won’t enjoy. But I’ve had to tone down my non-fiction choices as we don’t have many non-fiction readers. That said, I left with a nice stack of titles for my own perusal.

cat and books 011The left-side pile is from the Cedar Rapids trip, while the right is from my own library, and yes, that is a fiction title at the top of the stack, which I’ve since read, A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan. I rated it four out of five stars on my Goodreads account.

cat and books 012While in Cedar Rapids we also visited a Half Price bookstore, where I picked up a couple back issues of Plough Quarterly for twenty-five cents each, two classics to add to my bookshelves, and a “Do-it-All Planner,” which begins in August and will come in handy for keeping track of upcoming “Mary & Me” events.