Thanks for the Memories

In the power point “Letter-Writing 101” workshops we present at libraries we encourage attendees to find ways to organize the treasure trove of greeting cards or letters they might have held onto. When I delved into a trunk full of memories for personal examples of treasured letters and cards, I came across many photos and newspaper clippings I would like to have displayed in my home. I’m not a scrapbooker, but that would have been one option.

The very same day I wrote about delving into the trunk, I came across this lovely, solid oak room divider that I knew would be perfect for hiding my corner full of boxes in my office. I spent several hours this weekend deciding which photos I would add to the display. I like the idea that I can change them at any time and rotate my memories.

I chose mostly photos of the people I love that I have lost, along with a few newspaper clippings. I’d like to work in more handwritten notes, but this is what I have right now;

photos shelf 001I’ve incorporated photos of my parents, an aerial view of the house I grew up in, the wedding photo of David and I, along with the Chuck E. Cheese photo booth picture we used for a 30th anniversary newspaper announcement (also featured on our gravestone), a clipping about the bookstore business we’d begun together, clippings and photos about my couponing obsession (such a large part of our lifestyle for so many years!), the last Valentine I got from Jacob and the Christmas card Elizabeth sent before she knew that cancer was growing in their little boy. There is also a lovely pastel drawing I found in my mother’s papers. I added a section of a greeting card David had given me; the “Thanks for the memories” in his handwriting, a fitting tribute to the man who has given me so many memories. This project is a work in progress, and I expect to eventually work in a letter or two, as well as adding a photo of grand baby Amy to the mix.

photos and books 006photos and books 007photos and books 005