A Book Club Visit

by Mary Jedlicka Humston

Imagine receiving a large envelope in the mail and finding several handwritten thank you notes inside. Talk about a treasure! While sitting in my queen chair in the front room, I smiled while opening and reading each one.

Those of you who follow this blog and know that Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink is about Mary’s and my 30-year friendship linked by thousands and thousands of letters will know why these thank yous thrilled me.

des moines book club notes

The Walnut Hills Women’s Book Group and I spent a lovely evening together last month in Des Moines. We met at Panera and talked about the book as if we’d been lifelong friends. I felt such warmth from these wonderful women and was blessed by our discussion and the sharing of numerous friendship stories.

So, thanks, Walnut Hill Women’s Book Group, for providing this unique opportunity for me to meet you all. And, thanks for the thank you cards. Your kindness deeply touched me.

des moines book club

If your book club would like one, or both of us, if possible, to come and talk to your group, let us know. One of our joys is to hear how Mary & Me has touched others. We also hope it promotes friendship: both ones of longevity and those that are brand new, for each and every friendship possesses the potential to change lives and to create wonderful, rich legacies.

We designed our book to be utilized by book clubs, with a discussion guide at the back of it. You can see the discussion questions on our publisher’s website by clicking here.