What’s Up With Mary & Me?

As you recall, we’d submitted our final manuscript to the editors months ago, then labored over revisions and edits for several weeks.  Now, the moment we’d been waiting for, the fruition of all our hard work: we received our advance review copies. Yes, we have had copies of “Mary& Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink” in our possession since June 18, hand-delivered to us by Mary Kenyon’s son Dan, and his wife Lydia, while we were  attending a Christian Writer’s Workshop in Cedar Falls. We opened the box together, at the home of Lyle and Cindy Potter, where we had spent many hours over the winter working on the book. Finally~we could touch it, re-read it, smell it, and revel in the beautiful front and back covers. The dream had become a reality!  Our advance readers copies are in hand and the Sept. 8 release date is not far off.

mary and me open boxmary & me box of booksYou’d think we’d be kicking back and relaxing, right?  It is summer, after all. But for Mary K, that means Summer Reading activities to plan and implement at her library, and for Mary H, an increase in children/grandchildren’s activities to attend. And while we don’t have the book deadlines anymore, we are still very busy with book related endeavors. We presented a workshop on co-writing (including God as a co-writer, as well) at the Cedar Falls Christian Writers Workshop and Mary H also taught a poetry mini-session.

mary & me at conferenceAnd, as Mary K shares in her “I Signed a Book Contract, Now What?” presentation, the work has just begun. Now we have to consider ways to market and promote our book. We and our publisher have sent out advance copies to reviewers. Each of the featured essayists and blurb endorsers have been sent their free copy. We’re also actively setting up and scheduling workshops, presentations, readings, signings, and book launches, beginning with an August 2nd “Friendship Day” tea at a local tearoom, where we will speak about our co-writing venture.

girlfriend teaThe Cedar Rapids Barnes & Noble bookstore has scheduled a “Letter Writing 101” workshop on Saturday, September 19, as have several libraries throughout the state. We have teas, book-signings, and readings already set up for most Saturdays and Sundays in September and many already for October, with even more being finalized.

We are now actively searching for bloggers and reviewers to do reviews of our book. If you have an online presence and an account with Goodreads and/or Amazon, you can request to be added to our list of advance readers. Online reviews are crucial to the success of a book, and our publisher will add you to the e-mail list for reviewers. If you are on Goodreads, don’t miss your chance at winning a free copy of our book by clicking here.

Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink will be available on September 8 through Familius.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and through your local bookstore. You can lock in your price on Amazon if you pre-order today. If you’d like us to speak at your local library or bookstore, let us know.  If your book club or women’s group is interested in using “Mary & Me” for their next book club choice, the book does include a discussion section at the back. We will even make arrangements to appear at your club meeting if we are available. Just contact us through our Mary & Me Facebook page or through e-mail: marypotterkenyon@gmail.com or maryjedhum@gmail.com

Let us know if you’d like to book a “Mary & Me” event, because that’s what we Marys are doing now…we’re booking our book!