Mary, and Me, Update…

By Mary Jedlicka Humston

If you’ve followed this site in the past, you’ve noticed a long drought of blogless days. What in the world happened?
It boils down to two things: bicycles and books.
I’ll start with the bicycle since that relates to me. It was a lovely fall day on Oct. 8 in Lanesboro, MN. My husband Jim, another couple, and I rode the scenic trails on a brilliant Sunday morning. We’d only traveled five miles, out of the 19 we’d ride that day, when our group suddenly slowed. This was done frequently since there was a lot of traffic on the trail: bikers, walkers, joggers. When we slowed this time, I wasn’t prepared, and my front tire clipped Jim’s back tire.
You know how something’s going to happen, and you can’t stop it? I knew I was going to tip over, but I couldn’t right the bike in time. BAM! I fell hard on unforgiving asphalt.
Road rash bleeding on my left knee and left hand were the obvious injuries, but my right arm (which instinctively shot out to break the fall) was sore. I repeatedly but gently shook it, remarking that my elbow hurt, and how I must’ve jammed it. I knew how badly that hurts, since I jammed both elbows at a cheerleading camp one summer in the ‘70s.
Grateful for my helmet and that I hadn’t fallen on my face or head, I got back on the bike and rode five miles to our car where Jim bandaged my knee and hand.

Our group continued on until we stopped for pie, a biker’s reward for hard work. When I couldn’t guide the fork of pumpkin crunch pie to my mouth, I thought, “Oh, no. I must’ve jammed my wrist, too.” So, the left hand pitch-hit and carried out the pie-eating duties. The remaining five miles really stressed the fact that my wrist wasn’t doing well. Shifting gears was painful. We headed for Iowa City. Once home, an ER visit was deemed necessary. Lo and behold, x-rays discovered a broken right elbow and a suspected broken right wrist. Thus, began a five to six week period with a splint, sling, or cast.

Mary jh.jpg
This brings me to Mary, our blog, and me. The right is my dominant hand. Imagine this. In all our years of friendship neither of us had ever had injuries get in the way of our letter writing. Now, I had to use my left hand. I did the best I could. These letters weren’t exactly pretty. They required extra time and patience. My hand tired easily. And, hardest of all for me, I couldn’t expound on my feelings much, or I’d have been travailing with the pen and paper for hours.
I started the car by sitting in the passenger seat, reaching the ignition with my left hand, jumping out of the car to the driver’s side and then driving with my left hand, performing amazing stretches and acrobatics with the seatbelt and shifting from drive to reverse to park. So, driving 90 miles one-way to visit Mary didn’t happen either. Exhaustion, lack of energy, and napping figured into this equation, too,

A bicycle accident changed our letter writing but didn’t stop us. It did, however, affect our blog postsRemember I mentioned the second reason for this blog drought? Books.

Mary signed a contract in November, and is hard at work on her next book, which I’ll let her tell you about in a future blog post.

So here it is; our first Mary and Me blog post since November 3, right in time for the holidays. Mary is busy writing her new book, and I’m still working hard on the physical therapy exercises and stretches and achieving almost complete range of motion.

Merry, Merry Christmas from Mary and Mary!!