Friends, Friends, Friends, Friends!

by Mary Jedlicka Humston

They first met at an organization for women new to the area. Since then, these girlfriends have been attending Iowa Hawkeye football games for over 25 years.

One of my daughter’s former teachers rushed over when she spied me at a restaurant after Mary & Me was released and told me about the longtime letter writing friendship she shares with her friend Mary.

Another woman mentioned how her daughter and her high school friends have taken trips together for years.

At a book event, Sandy related how when she met Sharon only a few years ago, they clicked immediately. Immediately.

Women frequently share their friendship stories with us, even when Mary & Me was merely an idea, but especially after the book’s release. It is an honor to receive these unique tales, because each is always delivered with joy and excitement. They warm our hearts and remind us that one of the key reasons we wrote this book was to highlight the benefits of female friendship. (The other, of course, was to encourage letter writing).

Mary shares a special history with me. No other friend can experience that same history. Nor can we share our history with the other friends we both have. No two friendships are alike even if they were part of a larger group. And, isn’t that a joy?

So, what have you done with your special friend(s) lately? What ties you together? What activities make you laugh? Cry? Spur you to action?
Mary and I encourage you and your friends to create even more memories together. Don’t delay. Do it today. And, then cherish those special times. Always. Just as we do.Mary 1988

Rachel’s’ Baptism Jan. 15, 1989…three years after we met!!
David, Mary, Rachel, Jim, Mary don’t we look young?


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