A Pile of Memories

mary letters

I don’t know when, or why, Mary and I decided not to keep each other’s letters, or if we even discussed it. The decision may have been made for us around the time we reached 3000 letters between us. Because where exactly does one store 1500 letters?

We sometimes regretted that decision, especially when we began writing Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink. Those letters would have come in handy for remembering dates and details of our friendship.

Alas, the letters were gone. We would have to rely on our memories, Mary’s journals, and my daybooks.
That is why it was so exciting when Mary unearthed a stack of my letters a few months ago. She re-read them before handing them over to me.

While Mary had said all along that we’d seriously discussed writing a book together years ago, I honestly couldn’t remember having done so, beyond the casual “We should write a book together.” These letters, dated between 2001 to early 2003 proved Mary right.  I had, indeed, discussed writing a book with Mary, more than ten years before it became a reality~

mary book idea envelope mary book idea letter 2 mary book idea letter 30005 mary book idea letter 4





Yes, “our” book idea was hurriedly scrawled on the outside of an envelope before it was dropped into the mailbox enroute to Mary.


Seems fitting for a book on friendship and letter-writing, don’t you think?



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