“Mary & Me” Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016

by Mary Jedlicka Humston

“I loved the book Mary & Me. In fact, I bought 5 copies for gifts. Bravo!!” Kathy S. from MT

“My Hospice patient is loving your book. It is stimulating a lot of good memories for her.” Jeri B. from IA

One of the many excitements of 2015 has, obviously, been the publishing of Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink. A dream come true, actually. But one of the most pleasant surprises for me has been the many positive comments we Marys have heard and received since our book’s release on Sept. 8. Each word has become a treasure stored in our hearts and souls. Yes, I know that sounds corny and sentimental, but it’s true, true, true.
The two comments above came included in my Christmas cards, but they aren’t the only ones this holiday season. However, they are the only ones I could easily find. NOTE TO READERS: I send out about 240 Christmas cards each year, and I love both the sending and receiving. I consider it a daily gift to myself when the mail arrives. I sit in my “Queen” chair (see pg. 175 of Mary & Me for further description of my chair), often with a cup of hot tea, and I savor opening each and every envelope and reading the messages on the cards, personal notes, and newsletters that accompany them. Oh, did I mention that we Marys both send Christmas newsletters? Surprised? Nah, I bet not.
All along we felt Mary & Me would resonate with our readers and help rekindle friendships, encourage women to make time for each other, or maybe even give a little push to initiate new relationships. I love the old song: “Make new friends, but keep the old. Some are silver and the others gold.” Gold, silver, or bronze? Every friendship is a gift. We pray our book stimulated some special action in 2015 among those special gifts, your friends.
The other hope? That Mary & Me would nudge readers in 2015 to pick up pen and paper to send out a letter or card. Or, wildest dream of all? To perhaps, send out many, many of them. At our “Letter Writing 101” workshops, we joke that we’re out to save the world “one piece of stationery at a time.” In essence, though, we’re not kidding. We know what impact letter writing has had on our friendship, and we desire that, or a semblance of it, for everyone.
What do we wish for our readers now as we say hello to 2016? We pray this is the year that even more memories will be created with your friends. Just imagine the ripple effect if each reader reaches out to one friend who then reaches out to another friend who then does the same. Love and friendship would abound in unimaginable experiences and countless quantities.
In fact, in 2016, we invite you share your special stories on this blog. Tell us what you do, where you’ve gone, how long the friendship is, when you met. Include ideas of special events you’ve experienced so others might partake in similar fashion.
Spreading friendship in 2016. Now doesn’t that have a special ring to it as we ring in the New Year? Yes, it sure does.
God’s Blessings and Happy 2016 to one and all from the Marys!

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