Sharing an Obsession: Drawing

WINNER CHOSEN Dec. 1: Hanson Bloesch of Iowa City~

~Mary Potter Kenyon

Readers of our book will know that both authors have an obsession with paper and pens. Yet it is this Mary who owned enough note cards in her personal stash to fully supply the materials for all of the “Letter-Writing 101” workshops the Marys have conducted at libraries, with plenty left for future workshops. I can add more to our workshop supply, thanks to a stop at a consignment store. I always gravitate toward the stationery and office supply sections in stores like this. And I’m a sucker for grab bags of cards and stationery. I snatched these bags up at $2.99 for the big bags and $1.99 for the smaller.

DSCF3412 (2)

There is always that thrill of anticipation that comes before opening up one of these bags. Will the visible cards be Hallmark and Current, while the rest are the free ones everyone gets in the mail from organizations? I opened one of the larger bags first, and immediately noticed two large cards that looked homemade. They had handwriting inside! This did not bode well for the rest of the pack, but I was pleasantly surprised.

DSCF3416 (2)

I’ll use the smaller thank you cards myself, but the other note cards go into our letter workshop supply. There is a Forever stamp attached to one envelope, which means free postage for a future mailing. Besides the note cards, I’ll keep approximately 12 of the cards for my own use. Considering the free stamp, $2.49 for 12 greeting cards and approximately 15 note cards is a pretty great deal. I also got a stack of extra envelopes out of the deal.

DSCF3418 (2)

The 2nd large bag had more note cards, including a stack that fit the extra envelopes from the previous bag. I loved the birdhouse small cards way up at the top, as well as a leaf sympathy card, a butterfly friendship card, a cute butterfly notepad, and a package of brand new red cards for Valentine’s Day.

The smaller bag had some cards of questionable value; several homemade ones that I wasn’t thrilled with, except the leaf one, and Blue’s Clues cards. Do children even know who Blue is anymore?


But there was an unused stamp on one envelope and several brand new cards inside, including a lovely one that was well worth the $1.99 alone.


So what will I do with all the extra cards I’m not going to keep? I think it’s about time for a giveaway, don’t you? Not only will I fill a box with the extra cards from these three bags, the winner will get that fourth small package of assorted cards shown in the first photo, along with a bonus of extra cards and notepads from my stationery stash. To enter, comment under this shared post on the Mary & Me Facebook page.  I will choose a winner on December 1st.







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