Piling Up Memories

by Mary Jedlicka Humston

I was overcome yesterday with the urge to declutter one of the many paper piles scattered  on my counter by our landline telephone, the kitchen table, the computer desk in the front room, and, yes, even in our laundry room. Imagine my surprise when I uncovered countless gems amid the rubble. There were to-do lists on errant slips of paper with, amazingly, some tasks actually crossed off. Essay contests I wanted to enter surfaced, unfortunately, most with long past submission deadlines. I found quotes I wanted to save which I later glue-sticked into my journal.

Piling Up Memories

Multiple pieces of paper focusing on Mary & Me: A Lasting Link through Ink were also discovered. One such piece listed all the suggested entries when we ran a name that subtitle contest on our Facebook page. You see, there was a time when our working title had been: Mary & Me: Two Lives in Letters. The Two Lives in Letters wasn’t bad as subtitles go, but we desired something a bit catchier. In the end, we found just what we wanted. We both selected A Lasting Link Through Ink as our number one choice. How amazing is that?

Early Mary & Me Facebook readers, do you remember any other entries? If not, well, don’t worry. I’ve listed a few that didn’t make the cut, but were still cute and interesting.

What if our book had been titled Mary & Me: A Friendship Woven With Words?  Or Mary & Me: First-Class Friendship? Or how about Mary & Me: Cursive Connections? There were also these sub-titles: Mary & Me: With a Cup of Tea, Mary & Me: Write Where We Belong, and Mary & Me: First Class Friends Through Pens. These are just a smattering of creative suggestions our Mary & Me Facebook friends sent.

We’ve come a long way since that subtitle contest, haven’t we? It’s now been over two months since Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink was released. We Marys have done countless programs, readings, workshops, and signings. We’re just as excited about our book now as we were then, making me wonder what other Mary & Me tidbits I might unearth amid my remaining mountainous piles. I’ll let you know what I dig up when that decluttering urge strikes again in, oh, say, a year or two from now. So, stay tuned.


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