Book Review: Dear Deb by Margaret Terry

We promised book reviews on this blog, and then with the release of Mary & Me in September, there was suddenly less time for reading, and our book reviews fell by the wayside. For both of the Marys, the book release also meant the beginning of a busy season promoting our book through appearances, book-signings, book-readings, tea parties, and presentations, mostly on the weekends, but some evenings too. Last night’s event was a dinner presentation sponsored by the Bellevue Arts Council, one that I thoroughly enjoyed, much to my surprise. I wasn’t surprised that I enjoyed it, but that I enjoyed it thoroughly. Considering my last posting, when I wondered if I would ever be able to enjoy something without a cloak of sadness descending over me, it was refreshing and somewhat amazing to feel such complete joy, without even a hint of cloying sadness.

All of these events are good and fun, but one of the Marys (me) had gotten a new job in September, as a reporter for the local newspaper. That meant during our busiest period of book promotion, I was attempting to hold down two jobs while training a new director for the library. Two jobs, plus the book-signings, letter-writing workshops, and even teaching an evening book proposal and promotion class at Hawkeye community college. Reading books and writing letters fell to the wayside, as did bike riding or spending time with my girls. I crashed, both literally and figuratively. My co-writer Mary H had to attend one book-signing alone, and I cancelled another.

Now that I’ve completed two full weeks with only one job, I feel like I’ve regained my footing. I’ve gotten back into writing letters, and am eager to pick up where I left off in the book-reading department as well. Of course the first book I picked up to read was one about letter-writing.

dear deb

Dear Deb: A Woman With Cancer, a Friend With Secrets, and the Letters That Became Their Miracle was a good choice. Written by Margaret Terry, I will let the book trailer tell the background story:


I love how each chapter is a letter from the author to her friend Deb, a woman with a terminal cancer diagnosis.  The only thing that would have made this book better would be to have seen return letters from Deb, or barring that, at least learning a little more about the amazing woman who was the recipient of these letters.

I would like to read more by Margaret Terry. You can see her website by clicking here.


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