Flying High…or just flying~

Both the Marys struggled with certain aspects of the writing of Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink. Despite the sure angst of digging deep into places in our past we would rather not go, and parts of our individual personalities we were not eager to share, we knew all along that to reach the hearts of other women we must remain honest and open. This last month has brought us many wonderful opportunities in conjunction with our book release; teas, speeches, workshops and book-signings.

That said, because the person who encouraged my (Mary K’s) writing the most is no longer here, my experience has differed from the other Mary’s in that I have not been able to revel in the experience. Despite the fact that I feel most alive when doing speeches or workshops, there is something missing in the whole “getting a book published” thing. I told Mary when we began this writing journey together that I believe God had a plan in the co-writing project. He knew I had not been able to properly “enjoy” the release of Coupon Crazy: The Science, the Savings, and the Stories Behind America’s Extreme Obsession. In fact, I’d stood in front of the Barnes & Noble window for several minutes, staring at the display of my books inside, completely numb. As I walked through the store with my daughter Rachel, she spotted another display of books. I could barely manage a wan smile when she moved one of them to face out so everyone walking by would see it.

barnes and noble“Why aren’t you happy, Mom?” she’d asked, and I just shook my head and gave a one-word answer, “Dad.”

But as a co-writer, being at Mary’s side for most of the events and accolades associated with our book, I have been given the gift of seeing, through Mary’s eyes, the wonder and the joy of a first book experience.  And for that, I am truly grateful. As for the month following the book’s release, there is this perspective from Mary H:

Flying High

by Mary Jedlicka Humston

Don’t you just love clichés? I mean, the one I’m going to throw at you now is so apt. Yes, it’s well-worn, but it truly captures what I want to say. Time flies. There. I did it. I used a cliché, and no one seems any worse for the wear (and, if you do, I apologize).

But, it’s true as far as Mary & Me: A Lasting Link Through Ink is concerned. It was just a little over a month ago that our book was released, yet Mary and I have experienced so much. We’ve had numerous workshops, readings, book signings, and programs. We’ve presented at libraries, private homes, a church, coffee shops, and bookstores. We’ve been a part of an afternoon tea and the Iowa City Book Festival. And, we still have many other book events booked; one even for March.

We welcome other opportunities for presentations. If you’d like us to come and discuss our book with your book club, we will. If you want us to be speakers at a workshop or conference, we’d love it. Mary and I relish new ideas and the chance to experience whatever book event you might have in mind.

As the holidays fast approach, the idea that some of you plan on gifting Mary & Me to your friends thrills us. Your written and verbal correspondences after reading our book touch our hearts. They really do. One of our goals has been to inspire readers to treasure their friendships, all the way from the ones with longevity to the ones as of yet unknown. We also hope a letter or two will be written post-book as well.

If what we’ve experienced in just a little over a month is any indication, we have many more wonderful moments ahead. Yes, time flies, but we’re flying with it. Come soar with us.

And then there is this perspective from Mary K:


fly-008small stone given to me by daughter Elizabeth, after her father died, because he’d always said I was “flying” with my writing and speaking. The stone is buried with my grandson Jacob~


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