April is National Card and Letter Month

If you aren’t already aware of it, April has been designated as “National Card and Letter Month.” Not surprising, this annual effort to promote literacy and celebrate the art of letter writing comes from the United States Postal Service as a way to encourage the timeless mode of communication. One way the Marys will strive to celebrate the month is to increase the output of mail being sent from each of their respective mailboxes. Frequent letters to each other is a given, though the number decreased greatly during those final weeks of writing to meet the deadline for the Mary & Me manuscript.

What is the typical Mary-to-Mary letter writing output?

From the pages of Mary & Me:
“You’ve been writing a letter every week for almost thirty years?” The question always evokes disbelief, particularly since the dawn of the Internet and e-mail. We quickly correct the misconception.
     “Well, at least one letter, but usually more. We write each other three or four letters a week. And we never wait for a return letter before beginning another.”
     Conservatively speaking, at just three letters a week since 1987, that would equal 4,368 letters each, but we’d both agree that estimate is much too low. We have, on occasion, written the other two letters in a single day.

cards 005Perhaps a letter a day is too daunting a task for the majority of our readers, but what about aiming to send out just one card every day in April? Both Marys love sending greeting cards to mark special occasions. I (Mary K) keep a box of assorted cards handy for just such a purpose. I purchase the majority of them at thrift stores and garage sales. The assortment includes blank, friendship, and encouragement cards, along with the traditional celebratory occasion ones. The three cards going out in this morning’s mail took me all of fifteen minutes to write and address. Fifteen minutes to let three people know I was thinking about them!

Why not join us in our April resolution to send a card or letter out every day next month?


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