Mail, Glorious (and not so glorious), Mail~

Is there anything more exciting, more glorious, than opening up a mailbox to discover a plethora of actual, handwritten letters? That is what happened to me (Mary K) on a recent day.

glorious mail 007The bounty included two letters from friends, two from family members, one surprise bonus, and an envelope from The Letter Writer’s Alliance, welcoming me as a new Lifetime Member. As a member, I can enjoy perks like:
• exclusive free downloads of stationery and cards
• pen pal swap
• membership card and L.W.A. badge
• member mailings

The Welcome package sent via snail mail includes log-in information, a membership card, welcome letter, member postcard, and a badge.

glorious mail 002What are you waiting for, letter-writing peeps? You know you want one. You can find information on joining by clicking HERE.

You can also give a membership as a gift to a friend. I just ordered one for my friend and co-writer, Mary H.

Lo and behold, my surprise “letter” turned out to be an advertisement. I have been fooled by these “fake” letters before, and vowed never to be fooled again, but in this case, I actually DO know a Chris Thomas, though her name is spelled differently and she doesn’t live in California.

glorious mail 006Is this a slick advertising scheme, a genius marketing ploy, or a big mistake? From purely a marketing standpoint, I get it~ this technique of designing a direct mail campaign to make the envelope appear to be personally addressed, and even using an address label to make me believe it is a personal mailing, should work. And it did, if the purpose is to get me to open the envelope. But if a company believes I am going to be duped into purchasing from them after a ploy like that, well, they have failed miserably. On the contrary, I think less of this particular company, for stooping so low as to prey on a consumer’s instinctual love of the handwritten letter.

Because we all love letters in our mailbox, don’t we? What we don’t want in the mail are advertisements posing as letters.


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