Name That Book…And Be a Winner!!!

While Mary & Me: Two Lives in Letters has been the working title for our book since its inception, we are seriously considering changing the subtitle, and we are asking for your help. We are running a contest for two weeks and offering a prize of a beautiful gift basket full of items that would interest our potential readers.

prize basketTo enter the contest, you must first “LIKE” our Mary & Me Facebook Page. Then make a comment underneath the Drawing Contest post on our page, suggesting a possible sub-title for our book. We are planning on keeping the main title “Mary & Me,” unless the publisher has other ideas, but we are searching for a winning sub-title. Keep in mind that it should give prospective readers an idea of what this book is about. Here is a short synopsis to help you out: “Mary and Me:  explores a long-standing friendship between two women; one who had never learned to cultivate female friendships, and another who had managed to gather and maintain a large group of friends throughout her adult life. The fact that handwritten letters tethered these two together is just part of the intriguing story. What one Mary could learn from the other is yet another aspect.”

Obviously, the topic of female friendship is at the forefront of our book, but so is the avid letter-writing. Keep this in mind as you come up with prospective sub-titles. If people suggest identical titles that is fine, too. Once we have collected a good sampling of suggestions, on January 15 we will decide which working sub-title we want to use to replace our current one, and the person who came up with it will be the winner of our gift basket. If more than one person has suggested that sub-title, we will do a random drawing with the names and choose one winner. Keep in mind that our publisher has the final say in our book’s production, but we will use the winning title on our blog and in the manuscript we turn in.

The prize will be mailed to the winner. The basket includes everything you see here, and more!

(first picture)
*Box of Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey Tea
*Box of Stash Pumpkin Spice Decaf Tea
*Verena Street Julien’s Breakfast Blend coffee beans  (12 oz. package)
*18 postage stamps
*8 greeting cards created by Iowa City area poets & artists
*3.5 oz. bar of  Green & Black Organic Milk Chocolate Almond
*2 oz. bar of Dagoba Organic Dark Chocolate Raspberry
*3 oz. bar of Endangered Species Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Toffee
*1 hand-sewn brown/blue apron
*1 handmade small tissue packet cloth holder for purse
*1 tea towel
prize basket 2(2nd picture)
*beautiful flower journal
*feather print notepad
winthrop storytime and basket prize 063And to top off this wonderful gift basket, we will be including a $15 Walmart gift card (not pictured)
So put on your thinking caps and come up with a suggestion for our book’s sub-title.

2 thoughts on “Name That Book…And Be a Winner!!!

  1. Cecelia Lester says:

    Mary K: This sounds like a good contest. My suggestion is ” A Friendship Formed by Letters.” But due to my allergies, please don’t enter me in the drawing.


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