Sharing The Highs and Lows of the Writing Life

From Mary H.~

This past week I was working on a chapter about being a writer for our book “Mary & Me.” I referenced a talk I had given several years ago to the Iowa City branch of The National League of American Pen Women. It was about the highs and lows of being a writer. Many things have changed since I wrote the paragraph below (both Mary and I have had much more published, for one, plus we write more letters per week than we did then). One thing that hasn’t changed is the importance we still place on our letter-writing relationship and how we support each other in our writing achievements and endeavors. It is just as crucial to us now as it was then, especially as we co-write “Mary & Me” in the months ahead:

My busy life with three young children continued. I didn’t write articles or poems much during that time, but as I’d said before, I’d been a longtime faithful letter-writer. I wrote to Mary, a home-schooling mother who now has eight children. She’d been my friend, neighbor and also a member of Playgroup. Writing Mary kept my skills in shape and later provided me with a great source of encouragement and support. For you see, Mary has had a book and over a hundred articles and columns published. To this day, we still write each other old-fashioned, snail-mail letters at least once a week, sometimes more. We share the highs and lows that we each experience with our acceptances and rejections. It’s a real HIGH to have her as a weekly writing friend.

letters 004


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